[Un]Organized Religion

Over the past few years, I’ve written several posts about the Divine and my desire for union with the Mystery. Many of those reflections have explored what many are now calling “spiritual independence”. These reflections touch on those ideas and have been among my favorite entries on this blog. Please consider reading:

  1. God in the Gray Areas: A defense of the spiritual-but-not-religious
  2. God Is. And Maybe That’s All.
  3. The Divine: When Words Fail
  4. The Still Small Voice: An Easter reflection
  5. The Courage to Find Wholeness
  6. Unorganized Religion: Riding alone with God
  7. Choosing the Journey that Gives Life
  8. When Hope Overpowers Belief
  9. What Happened When I Let Go
  10. Christianity Can’t Possibly Be a Belief System

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