Eight Reasons Your Religion Is Harmful

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I watched this video this past week and found myself nodding along the entire time. Hemant Mehta writes a Patheos blog called The Friendly Atheist. I thought many of you would appreciate what he’s saying, so I’m sharing his Youtube video here… (I do, however, warn you that Mehta is very blunt in his presentation. If you’re easily offended by critiques of religion, then I don’t recommend this video for you.)

3 thoughts on “Eight Reasons Your Religion Is Harmful

  1. Good set of points… cuts to the chase! I’m a former Evangelical who still has a belief in “God” (though not defined “supernaturally”, as judging and intervening sporadically). Hermant’s observations are accurate and he does NOT (here at least) say the only alternative is atheism. Many people may see atheism as the only other choice to their brand of faith.

    But many of us have found that “God” still seems to exist, though he/she/it shares the “process” of life with us all, helping nudge us along rather than coercing us with threats of judgment or hell. (“Process theology” is one helpful organization of this and other related thoughts.)

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